Coating Technology Inc.  provides coating 
services, which includes application, 
consulting, problem solving and 
engineering development in the arena 
of "Technical coatings" for corrosion. 
protection, dry film lubrication, hard-
ness, non-sticking friction, non-skid 
surfacing, safety and appearance.

Technical coatings are defined as 
"overlayments" to a given substrate 
material which imparts different prop-
erties or changes the performance 
characteristics of the substrate.  These 
overlayments are derived from a 
variety of chemistries. CTI's primary 
emphasis is on inorganic, water-based 
derivative coatings.

For more information about our coating 
services please contact us.


High Performance, Topcoat Systems:

Urethanes Corrosion Control Coatings:
Metallic Ceramic

Urethanes Corrosion Control Coatings:
Metallic Ceramic, Thin Film Epoxy/Phenolic; 
Molys and TFE Inorganic Zinc Silicates

Lubricious Coatings:
Dry Film Lubricants
Anti-Galling Compounds

Proprietary Non-Stick:
CTI 1119B

Flame Spray Applied Thermoplastics:


CTI   2000